We want to change the scenario of the Biotechnology industry applied to health in Brazil and Latin America together with the large pharmaceutical, dermocosmetic, medical devices and digital industries. 

Why do it together?

Einstein’s story fostering innovation in the health ecosystem has been built daily, through interaction with startups, researchers, investors, government and regulatory agencies, companies and universities.

We have created a health complex that nourishes and supports technologies with a global impact, aligned with real market needs.


Open Innovation expertise with big companies and startups


Best biotech startups database in Brazil


Partenership with Innovation ecossystems from more than 15 countries

Connection with the Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein


Infrastructure to develop preclinical and clinical studies


Opportunity to validate and cocreate new technologies with Einstein

Our work approach

Companies that are seeking this same path of development can connect to our ecosystem in order tocatalize their tecnologies and new businesses in biotechnology applied to health 

Immersion on strategic themes and mapping the innovation trends within the organization

We help companies to identify what are the strategics problems and trends besides helping them with the validation of those trends with healthcare professionals and patients:

Prospecting and evaluating health biotechnology solutions

From the definition of the organization trends we prospect researchers, national and international startups that can work on the solutions for each problem: 

Validation and incorporation of new Technologies

We help in the validation of Technologies with our specialized clinical body and in the incorporation process of these Technologies into the company: 

Build this Biotech Industry with us

Let’s build together
the future of medicine