Einstein Biotech Innovation Program opens admission for PhD programme

Einstein Biotech Innovation Program has opened admission for its very first PhD program. This opportunity aims to accelerate translational research conducted by students in Einstein’s Programa Pós-Graduação em Ciências da Saúde and to support projects in biotech with global market potential.

To achieve that, the Einstein Biotech Innovation Program will grant one doctoral candidate enrolled in postgraduate studies and one project in the area of precision medicine (an approach to develop a personalized treatment for each patient). Admission is open to Hospital Albert Einstein’s PhD students.

The chosen candidate will receive a grant of 4000 BRL monthly for 36 months and also will receive 100.000 BRL to fund his/her research.

Aspirants must apply by August 24th at https://biotech.eretz.bio/translational

Translational Research is one of the four Einstein Innovation Biotech Program’s main pillars. Its goal is to support turning scientific projects into interventions that can globally improve individuals‘ health.

The Program’s mission is to support bioconvergence projects and prepare scientists and entrepreneurs for the Biotechnology industry and to foster the entire cycle of product and business development in biotechnology applied to health, creating processes to mitigate risks and to enable business in this area.

For questions or queries, please send an e-mail to eretzbio.biotech@einstein.br