One of the Program’s advantages is its location within the Einstein’s complex. It connects all the Medical Services of excellence of Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein (assistance, hospital and diagnostic areas), which will allow the validation and construction of technologies based on realworld needs, with the new Teaching and Research Center, whose objective is to develop new technologies, research and healthcare professionals.

The program is located at the Albert Einstein Teaching and Research Center – Campus Cecilia and Abram Szajman.


Environment for creation, technical discussions, events, demodays, meetings with partners and investors.

Research Center

High technology laboratory, with different platforms for development of new technologies: Cellular and molecular biology; 3D Bioprinting; Imaging and microscopy; Flow cytometry; Genomics; Nanotechnology; Proteomics; Cell therapy room for preclinical and clinical studies; Level 2biosecurity room.

Research Center

The Preclinical Research Center (CEPEC) has a built area of approximately 1,000 m2.

It has two operating rooms, a Robotic Surgery room and  experimental laboratories. CEPEC was designed to support the multidisciplinary training programs in different areas, including surgery, interventional radiology, emergency, intensive care, among others. 

In addition, CEPEC conducts experimental research and preclinical research of new products and technologies for surgical procedures.The CEPEC follows international ethics and quality procedures state by AAALAC and GLP recommendations.

Clinical Research Center and ARO-Academic Research Organization

Instituto Israelita de Ensino e Pesquisa Albert Einstein (IIEP) became the first research institution in South America to receive accreditation from the Association for the Accreditation of Human Research Protection Programs – AAHRPP it also gives access to different platforms for national and international startups to multiple research and product development.

These are the structures thatenable the entireproduct development cycle in the healthcare area.

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