Venture creation

Program focused on researchers and entrepreneurs in the field of Biotechnology applied to human health, with the aim of creating startups based on research lines and leveraging the knowledge of experienced entrepreneurs and specialists on how to build a biotech business.
Program Topics
  • regu-branco

    Regulatory affairs

  • Prancheta 6

    Hypothesis validation

  • Prancheta 4

    Technology validation

  • Prancheta 3

    Business modelling

  • Prancheta 1

    Product development roadmap

  • Prancheta 7

    Market analysis

  • Prancheta 8

    Intellectual Property

  • Prancheta 1_1

    Preclinical and Clinical Trials - How to Conduct Studies

  • funda-branco


  • Prancheta 11

    Finance, Law and Management Principles

  • Prancheta 9

    Marketing Strategy

  • Prancheta 15

    Company Incorporation

  • Prancheta 2

    Pitch Deck - Creation and Presentation

  • Prancheta 14

    Stategic Relationships and Networking

  • Prancheta 13

    Quality - Best Practice for Research

  • Prancheta 10

    Pharmaceutical Technology

Who can enroll to this program

Brazil ranks 13th globally in scientific production, despite having fewer resources than developed countries. However, it ranks only 64th in the global technological innovation ranking. This program aims to bridge the gap between academia and industry to leverage the country’s intellectual potential. It will focus on empowering researchers in innovation and fostering the creation of biotechnological startups. Additionally, the program will provide the necessary infrastructure and know-how for the development of these businesses.

If you believe in the Brazilian potential for generating new businesses in Biotechnology…

Come join this community of biotech entrepreneurs and learn how to create real life changing businesses.

Let’s build together
the future of medicine

Let’s build together
the future of medicine